Property Handover

Property Handover

Selecting a property management company to take over the day-to-day running of your property needs to be a careful process. The right company is essential if you want to ensure your property is well cared for. At Espace Real Estate we are here to protect your property and maximise your investment.

Our property handover services help to reassure you that your property is in excellent condition and ready to start making you money. We pay attention to our clients and won’t let them down when it comes to meeting their needs.

New home handovers in Dubai have risen over the last few years. This also means that there are more companies offering handover services. With many out there to choose from, you need to make sure you don’t pick the wrong one.

When you choose Espace, you can be sure you won’t regret your decision. We are always thorough in our inspections, so you know everything is just as you want it to be and you are aware of any potential issues.

Inspect and Snag Services

Our property inspection services have been built to make your life easier. We carry out all the essential tasks that are required. We can manage any pre-handover inspections. We work with the developers or a designated representative. An experienced team member will attend the inspection and provide their expertise.

We assist the developer or the property owner to ensure that everything is in the best condition. A poor property handover, often completed by the developer, can be disastrous. The developer may miss critical aspects that need correcting. Owners often feel they’re being rushed through the whole process when done this way.

There’s no need to worry about that with Espace. Our skilled and fully-trained property managers deliver a comprehensive check of each property. They will identify faults that need to be repaired or corrected before the handover is completed.

It’s essential to arrange these corrections before accepting the property. Espace will give you the evidence and paperwork you need. Our checks include a range of inspections of different elements around the property.

See below for some of the structures, fixtures and fittings we are always sure to inspect, so you get the service you need.

Exterior Checks:

  • Window glazing, frames and all surrounds
  • Damaged walls or paint imperfections
  • Damage to concrete walls
  • All paving and tiling
  • Exterior electrical fittings
  • Roofing
  • Building exterior
Interior Checks:

  • Key and lock checks
  • Tiling and grouting, cracks, chips and uneven laying
  • Paint blemishes, spillages, marks and stains
  • Baths and sinks checked for scratches and poor finish or fitting
  • Drainage and plumbing checks for poor installation
  • Electrical appliances and connections
  • All kitchen cupboards and vanity tops checked for cracks/scratches and poor installation
  • Walls, coving, skirting boards checked for poor paint finish, uneven surfaces and cracks
  • Ceiling fixtures checked for good finish
  • Door handles, locks, door stops and other elements

Don’t be left high and dry with a property that doesn’t work for you. Contact our team today to schedule a property inspection at a time that suits you.