Management Services

Management Services

Do you want to invest in property? Do you want to rent it out without the pressures of running a full-time business? You need our property management services. Using our expert team, you can be sure that your property investment is a hands-off experience. Get the benefits of being a landlord without the stresses of taking on this role.

Becoming a landlord means taking on many roles and responsibilities. Some of these you might not feel comfortable with doing. From health and safety to legalities, they will all take up a lot of your time.

At Espace Real Estate we believe that a property investment should be a benefit, not a chore. We want our clients to feel relaxed, not weighed down by the pressure of it all.

That is why we offer a world-class property management service. Sit back and watch your investment grow while we handle all the jobs and responsibilities of being a landlord for you.

Why Use Our Services
Espace has a long history of the market dating back to 2009. We have years of experience helping clients like you reach the highest potential with your property. Our team provides a service that you can trust, a trust that will benefit both you and your tenants.

As well as keeping you informed, we will make sure that your tenants get the best service too. We strive to make sure that your tenants love living in your property providing you with rave reviews. We ensure that your property investment is built to last.

With our service, you can forget about the challenges of managing a full-time property. Instead, let us handle the little and more significant roles of this investment. From day to day tasks to legal help, we will always control everything that’s needed for you.

The laws and regulations of property management are continually changing in Dubai. Our expert team of legal professionals will ensure that your property is up to the standards required.

We will work to build a full relationship with you as a client. We’ll contact you before completing any repairs or significant changes to your property. We’ll always keep you updated on what is happening on your property.

It’s Never The Wrong Time To Invest!

The Dubai property market is growing and evolving, so there is never a wrong time to invest. Are you interested in buying property? Worried you won’t be able to handle the time constraints and pressures of this commitment? There’s no need!

Your first step should be to contact one of our team. You will find out first hand how secure we’ll make it for you. With the right management team by your side renting your property in Dubai will be a breeze.