As a landlord in Dubai, you undoubtedly like information. You will want to know the process of finding good tenants and how you can manage your property efficiently. The services that Espace can offer can help you get the most out of your investment.

The most important information is the cost. If you’ve browsed our site, you’ve likely been wondering how much our highly sought after services cost. Here is an overview of our services and their associated fees:

Tenant Only

A quick reminder of what you can get from this service:

  • We’ll help to find you a tenant, so you don’t have to deal with long periods without one.
  • Accompanied viewings for tenants
  • Property advertisement
  • Management of finances, including the collection of deposit and rent
  • Tenant screening and document verification
  • We’ll ensure your property is ready to be moved into, including thorough cleaning and any pest control required.
  • Tenant handover and check-in report
  • DEWA connection
  • EJARI registration

The cost for all of these hassle-saving measures?
5% of the annual rent to be paid by the Tenant with an AED 5,000 minimum charge. (This is payable when the agreement is signed).

Full Management

When you opt for full management with Espace, you’re guaranteed complete peace of mind when it comes to your rental property. With full management, you get everything we offer for tenant-only management and plenty more. Here’s a quick overview of the extras you have to look forward to:

  • Tenant check-out report and dilapidation report
  • Maintenance reports, as well as the steps we have taken to rectify any issues with your property.
  • Full property inspections twice a year
  • Rent collection arrangements
  • RERA compliance
  • Delivery of tenancy notices, should these be required
  • Tenancy renewal and rent increase notifications
  • We will designate a single property manager to your tenant, so they always have the same point of reference for any issues that they experience.
  • 24/7 emergency hotline
  • Management and arrangement of maintenance and reports
  • Year financial reporting.

The cost for all these comprehensive, expertly-provided services is:

8% of the annual rental amount with an AED 5,000 minimum charge, due to be paid when the property is leased.

Pre-Rental Inspections:

Espace’s inspections are a great way to ensure that your property is always in excellent condition. Our Inspections include the following checks:

  • Damp check
  • Pest control
  • Air conditioning checked
  • Electrical outlets and supplies
  • Check for any signs of tenancy breaches
  • Checking if any furniture or appliances need to be repaired
  • Reporting back to landlord about any signs of wear and tear
  • Our price for this comprehensive service depends on the size of your rental.
  • Studio
StudioAED 1,000
One Bedroom apartmentAED 1,500
Two Bedroom apartmentAED 2,000
Three Bedroom apartmentAED 3,000
2-3 Bedroom VillaAED 2,500
4 Bedroom VillaAED 3,000
5 Bedroom VillaAED 3,500
6 Bedroom VillaPrice on application

Handover Inc Keys

Our handover service includes snagging lists and full management of the handover process. It’s priced at AED 3,600. This should be paid in advance. If you have the full management service as listed above, only the snagging will be charged for.

Our prices are competitive, our experience invaluable, and our dedication to providing an excellent service is parallel to none. Give Espace a try, and you won’t be disappointed.