Property Handover


When choosing a Property Management company to take over the day to day running of your property you need to make sure you pick the right company. Espace Real estate is here to protect your home and maximize your investment.

Inspection & Snagging Services:
Espace Real Estate is here to make your life easier and we can assist you with any pre-handover inspections whether through a developer or a designated representative. A member of our team will attend and assist with the inspection which can be done with the developer or with the property owner themselves. In most cases property handovers which are completed by the developer can miss out some key defects and owners tend to be rushed through this whole process. When signed up with Espace Real Estate you have the benefit of our skillfully trained Property Managers fully checking the property and identifying any faults that will need to be sorted prior to the full completion and before the end of the warranty. Please see below just a few of the items that we will check.

Exterior Checks
–  Window glazing, frames and all surrounds
–  Damaged walls or paint imperfections
–  Damage to concrete walls
–  All paving and tiling including front/rear, balcony and car park
–  Exterior electrical fittings
–  Roofing
–  Exterior of building

Interior Checks
–  Key and lock checks
–  Tiling and finish of grouting, cracks, chips and uneven lying
–  Paint blemishes, spillages onto cupboards, floors etc.
–  Holes from nails
–  Bath/sinks checked for cracks, scratches or poorly fitted/finished
–  All drainage and plumbing to be checked, any poor installation to be noted
–  Granite surfaces to be checked for cracks/scratches or poor installation
–  All electrical appliances and connections are in working order
–  All kitchen cupboards and vanity tops checked for cracks/scratches and poor installation
–  Walls, coving, skirting boards checked for poor paint finish, uneven surfaces and cracks.
–  Ceiling fixtures all attached, no poor quality finishing
–  Plaster work not containing any marks, scratches or visible defaults.
–  Doors including, handles, door stops and locks.