Management Services


Established in 2009, Espace Real Estate is a leading property services company conducting a traditional UK estate agency standard in Dubai. Awarded Dubai’s Best Brokerage Service 2015, our aim is to deliver the highest level of customer care, supported with extensive Property Management knowledge.

As a landlord, your responsibilities during a tenancy can be more than you think. It is crucial that your property is well looked after and maintained in order to maximise its market potential and ultimately to protect your investment and future tenancy. With years of experience in property management in Dubai you know you’re in safe hands using Espace Real Estate as your property managers.

Managing a property and dealing with the various issues that arise can be both demanding and time consuming – even more so if you are balancing a busy career and / or family. This can be even more difficult if you live outside the UAE, as some of our landlords do. Fortunately, we’ll ensure that all aspects are dealt with efficiently and cost-effectively on your behalf, taking care of the day-to-day tasks associated with being a landlord and make sure that both your property and your tenant are given the necessary care and attention.

In addition to the administrative and practical advantages, full property management can make your investment more attractive, increasing your return and minimising ‘void’ periods. A well-managed tenancy is more likely to be renewed and, in this competitive market, many corporate tenants now insist on a fully managed property.

Peace of mind guaranteed

At all times we:

–  Act within the law, as well as our own strict values and principles.
–  Use only vetted contractors who have signed up to our own terms and conditions.
–  Contact you before authorizing any major repairs, although if you are not contactable and urgent repairs are required,

We will go ahead as a matter of necessity.