Tenant Find only:
5% of the annual rent to be paid by the Tenant with a AED 5,000 minimum charge. (Payable upon signing of the agreement)

Full Management:
8% of the annual rental amount with a AED5,000 minimum charge. (Paid once the property is leased)

Pre-Property Inspections:

StudioAED 1,000
One Bedroom apartmentAED 1,500
Two Bedroom apartmentAED 2,000
Three Bedroom apartmentAED 3,000
2-3 Bedroom VillaAED 2,500
4 Bedroom VillaAED 3,000
5 Bedroom VillaAED 3,500
6 Bedroom VillaPrice on application

Handover Inc Keys
This service includes snagging list and handover AED 3,600 Paid in advance

*Landlords on the full management service will be charged just for the snagging*